【TOKYO】Dharma Mittra 2h Asana workshop TOKYO

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May,21,2010 16:00-18:00

Day 1: Friday, May 21, 2010

Master Class in Dharma IV (Intermediate, Advanced & Teachers)
This special class with a master is for Intermediate and Advanced students and Teachers. The practice is Dharma IV of Sri Dharma Mittra’s Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa series. Dharma Yoga Teachers, apprentice teachers, and students, as well as, teachers of all backgrounds from around the world commonly take this class. Be ready for an amazingly graceful yet extremely challenging practice steeped in 50 years of Dharmaji’s experience. He is the creator of over 300 advanced asana variations, and offers many of these unique and now popular poses of today in all his sessions. You will be guided through a purifying yoga nidra, and begin cultivating the mind with invaluable and profound sacred teachings on the ethical rules, yama and niyama, karma, yogic diet, ancient varied breathing practices and sound techniques. Sri Dharma helps guide each individual to quiet the turbulent mind for peace, contentment, and realization of the divinity within him or her. You will learn why you practice and teach. All Yoga teachers should attend this valuable session.

This is the first class of 3days immersion. You can join the immersion after the class.


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Dharma Mittra 2h Asana workshop TOKYO